.BRAND TLD - dotBrand gTLD - Launch ICANN Top-Level Domain Branded Name

Soon organizations will be able to launch their own Top-Level Domain (TLD) specific to their business, brand or purpose. New TLDs can complement a brand’s social media and branding strategies and create a new business opportunities

e.g http://news.YAHOO (TLD Approach) vs. http://news.YAHOO.com (Domain Name Approach)

The benefits of using new TLDs for branding are that businesses could own an entire TLD space and have an unlimited selection of website domain names to market their brand. These websites will clearly communicate the brand for significantly less than the price of a high traffic, premium .COM domain that you can buy in aftermarket auctions. A TLD can also be used for product branding. For example, BMW can leverage http://X5.BMW that communicates both its product and its brand. Furthermore, a TLD could be used for Social Media branding. For example, CNN can leverage http://t.CNN/123 as its Twitter URL Shortener that communicates its brand with every tweet on Twitter as opposed to using http://t.co/123.

How to Launch a .BRAND (dotBrand) Top-Level Domain (TLD) for your Company